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Inquiries and Bookings are very different.

  • Inquiries are an ask to see whether or not a Character/Service is available. 

  • Bookings are confirmed events, based on the confirmed availability of said Character/Service.

Responding to Inquiries

  • When an Inquiry is posted to the Spaces app, we promise clients a response within 24 hours (if not within a few hours) of their ask.

  • If you are unavailable for a date, please always offer am alternative date/time that you could be available for this client's request!

  • Please respond no matter what. NO is better than no response at all. Clients who are kept waiting will book elsewhere.  Clients who are given options (alternate date or Character) likely book with us.

  • If we cannot get a response within a few hours we may contact Cast via text or email to assure you've seen the Inquiry. 

How to Know if You're Booked!

  • You will receive a Google Calendar Event via email the moment your Inquiry is confirmed as a Booking. Your Client also receives this notification.

  • Accept the Google Calendar Event to add it to your calendar. All the Event Details are included here, including your Client's contact information and Actor Notes.

  • You will be reminded via email several days prior to your event to confirm that you have everything you need for your upcoming event.

  • If you need anything from FPV prior to your event, a plan will be made to get you everything you need.

  Training | 2.0  

 Know Your Character  

You should know your character inside and out. Think about possible questions the children might have for you and make sure your character is prepared to answer them.


Make up stories about interactions you’ve had with other characters. You are no longer you when you put on your costume. You are your character.


The sooner you can master this the better performer you will be and the better tips you will make. Each time you perform as a character you will be required to teach your characters ethics.


Please take your responsibility as a Hero with honor. Teach the children your character ethics as frequently as possible when performing.

The biggest mistake a performer can make is being late to their party.


Always allow 30 minutes extra cushion time separate from drive time when planning your departure.


You are the highlight of the birthday or event you were hired for. These children and adults are awaiting your Grand Entrance.


If your GPS is saying you are going to be more than 3 minutes late to your party you need to contact your Client immediately. Anything over a 15 minute tardy is grounds for termination.


Please be respectful of your responsibility to FPV as well as to the family that hired you.

  Travel Time

   60 minute | Party Timeline    

 Click images to expand! 

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 3.35.41 PM.png
FPV Cheat Sheet

Bullet Points are Always the Same -

it's the Theme that Changes!

Check out the similarities and differences below:

  Princess Party  

  • Arrival (to music)

  • Introduction

  • Getting to Know You

  • Lesson #1: Story

  • Lesson #2: Brave, Smart, Kind

  • Lesson #3: Coronation (music)

  • Photos/Dancing (music)

  • Cake/Happy Bday

  • Prepare for Exit/Hugs

  • Collect $$$

  • Exit (to music)

  Superhero Party   

  • Arrival (to music)

  • Introduction

  • Getting to Know You

  • Lesson #1: Hero Trivia

  • Lesson #2: How to be Super

  • Lesson #3: Games of Skill (to music)

  • Photos/Dancing (music)

  • Cake/Happy Bday

  • Prepare for Exit/Hugs

  • Collect $$$

  • Exit (to music)

  Events | What to Have With You. 

Have these things before performing!

  • All necessary costume gear

  • Approved footwear 

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Quality tattoo cover-up (if needed)

  • Long-lasting deodorant

  • Breath mints, toothpicks, floss

Make sure you know exactly how your costume & accessories are to be worn before your performance. (Not sure? Google Search your Character and check FPV Instagram.)

What's in your FPV-issued Party Case?

  • Story Book

  • Book to hide mobile device (for music only)

  • Bluetooth Speaker (provided by Actor)

  • FPV Business Cards (in elastic)

  • Handheld, themed props

When you complete each activity, make sure to clean up your area and put all of your activity materials back into your kit before moving on.


Keep your kit near you and away from the children at all times. Never let children snoop through your bag.


Your mobile device should go unseen and used discreetly to check your performance time and play themed music.

Make sure your GoogleCalendar is synced up so you are getting proper dates and times of your scheduled party.


This is very important.

All client contact information you are given is for your knowledge and temporary use only.


You will use the client's cell phone number to text  them just prior to your entrance to give them a heads up.


Make sure you have the birthday girl or boy’s name memorized for your entrance and ceremony.


If you do not know how to pronounce their name simply wait for someone at the party to say it before saying it yourself.


Always park out of sight.

Children should never see you getting out of or walking to your car.


It is always a good practice as a character to have long drawn out answers for the children to curb their curiosity on your authenticity.


Never text or call a parent after your performance for photos or a follow up.


Your cell phone, which should be on silent, and car keys should be in the very bottom of your bag just in case little eyes get curious.

 Parking & Check-In  

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