I couldn't have said it better myself, so instead of reinventing the wheel, I'm letting Sarah Ingle share Secrets to Becoming an Amazing Princess Performer. 

Please, take notes. These bullet points are essential to your success. Watch this video again and again for motivation, and slay your next character experience!

How does your character move?

Study this video and take notes. (If your character is not featured below, search your character's Meet & Greet videos on YouTube.)

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Costume and wig care.

Maybe your costume is smelly. Maybe your wig needs some love? Contact Courtney to schedule a costume cleaning, wash or wig re-style. 


Alert FPV the moment you notice a tear, a seam ripping, or a button falling off. Small costume issues can become big costume issues if left unattended. 


"Lightly worn" is the standard at which items should be returned. There is no excuse for a piece of company property to be returned stained, broken or worn beyond reason or for a wig to be returned in poor condition. 

Please return items the way they were issued to you.

Take time to take care of what it loaned to you. If you can save us an hour of washing costumes or an hour of wig styling by taking 5 minutes to detangle or freshen/spot clean your costumes - do it! 


Use your camera. Upon issue of costumes and props, take a photo to use as a reference for repacking your items for return (or hand-off). Some of our props are unique items acquired at thrift stores and specialty shops and are difficult/impossible to replace! 

Thank you!  xoxo

Courtney Lynn

  Costume Care  

 Wigs & Contacts