Tell us about your event

We understand that some of your early planning 

is to be determined, and subject to change. 

This is a starting point for us to know how 

to best accommodate you. 

Required information.

There are many things you can do
to ensure your party is a success.
Please take a minute to read our
helpful list of suggestions.
Children say the most amazing things!

Take lots of pictures and have parents really tune-in

to the experience with their kids, to enjoy it through their eyes. They will be glad they did  - and your princess will

thank you for it!

Treat the space like A Royal Place
The more parents & onlookers are invested in the performance, the more the children are invested - 

and the opposite is also true!


Your performer should not have to yell over

background chatter to be heard. Please have

attending adults join children in being a captive audience. This will give you and your guests

the best experience possible.

The younger the age, the fewer the guests

If your princess is turning 3, 4 or 5, a party exceeding

15 guests has the potential to overwhelm. Younger children need more attention, so limit your guest list

if you want to get the most from the experience. 

Space for stories and more

Our parties are full of singing, dancing, games and activities, so make way! Push back those couches and take the coffee tables in the other room. 

Please - no smoking!

Absolutely no smoking while the princess is present. Smoke clings to costumes and wigs and its odor is hard to remove. 


Toddlers & babies

During the activities and dancing portions of our parties, we ask that toddlers who wish to participate do so with an adult.