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  Training | 3.0 

1. Grand Entrance | Introduction

When you arrive to your party you should be smiling, friendly, and waving.


Ask where the birthday girl or boy is. Once you find them get down to their level and introduce yourself.


Tell them you heard it was their special day and you came to spend it with them. Ask them to introduce you to their friends, etc.


Once you have had a proper introduction ask them if they would like you to tell them a story and proceed to looking at an adult to find a proper location to begin your story telling.


Once a location has been set get comfortable with all of the children around you and begin your story time.


TIP > 

Begin story only  AFTER fielding curious questions you'll get upon arrival!

  Party Walk-through  

5. Portraits & Dance Party

Portraits set to background music.

Play a themed instrumental that uplifts. 

Have the Birthday Child take stand-alone photos with YOU, then add family members as needed, then friends, (individually, with the Birthday Child), then The Group as a collective.

Sing-Along Dance Party

Your should have at LEAST 3 songs that you know by heart ready for your character. 

3 songs = 3 different activities set to music!

Here are some examples:

  Beauty & the Beast Template  

  1. Beauty dances alone with Birthday Child to Beauty and the Beast to create a magical moment.

  2. Dance to To the Fair or Belle while leading the kids through a Follow-the Leader/Do-What-I -Do Parade. 

  3. Beauty leads the group in making a circle. You come up with different dance moves based on the characters from your story, then put them together to the POP VERSION of Be Our Guest from Descendants

  Ice Queen Template:  

  1. Ice Queen leads the group in making a circle. You come up with different dance moves based on the characters from her story, then put them together to In Summer. 

  2. Dance to Some Things Never Change or Love is an Open Door while leading the kids through a Follow-the Leader/Do-What-I -Do Parade. 

  3. Ice Queen collects children in a circle to perform with her as they sing along to Let it Go. Ice Queen manifests snow. THIS IS THE FINALE!


6. Cake-Cutting & Happy Birthday

When singing Happy Birthday you should be right beside the birthday girl or boy.


After singing, offer to assist the parent with cutting or passing out the cake. You are there to assist the parent with whatever they might need.


That is also applicable if they would like to change around your activities while performing. They are the boss, go with their flow.


If the parent invites you to sit and eat cake with the children, please feel free to do so!

Farewell Prep!

Once children are eating, mingle and let them know your time with them is growing short. Ask if anyone would like any last hugs or photos before your departure. 

7. Payment & Farewell

If this is a BASIC PACKAGE, you will be paid directly by the. CLIENT via Cash or Venmo.

If this is a CORPORATE EVENT or a MULTI-CHARACTER PARTY, you will be paid via Square Payroll (Direct Deposit). 

If a parent ever hands you money in front of a child take it as quickly as possible and distract the child.

We encourage you to collect your balance due via VENMO in the morning PRIOR to your arrival at the event. 

NEVER include getting payment and exiting as part of your booked performance. You should be performing for the entire duration for which you are booked.


Keep in mind, staying a little extra (creating a Soft Exit), usually leads to a bigger tip. Your focus should always revolve around your clients happiness when performing.

And lastly, Welcome Aboard!

We are excited to work with you. 

Please lean on us to help you get familiar with FPV protocol any way we can.


Have a great time getting to know your characters.


We look forward to seeing you in action!

-Courtney Lynn

Fairytale Princess Visits, Owner | Creative Lead

Mobile > 412-883-9700

2. Storytime

Feel free to sit with the children gathered around you, keeping in mind that the cleanliness of your costume is your responsibility.


You should be familiar with your story. Feel free to  interact with the children and test their knowledge on your story. INVOLVE THEM! 


You should always be excited and vibrant when reading your book. Always let the children talk and interact with you, but be very aware not to lose them on a tangent.


Keep it moving at a good pace!  

3. Brave, Smart & Kind

We teach character talking points throughout our entire performance, but you'll focus on these three before hosting a Coronation Ceremony (or Superhero Training Ceremony).

  • How was (your character) Brave, Smart and Kind?

  • What does it mean to be Brave? Smart? Kind?

  • How are ways (the kids can be) Brave? Smart? Kind?


Teaching kindness, strength, bravery, honor, anti-bullying and love is our mission.


Make sure to implement all of your character talking points throughout your performance. 

Be the role model  they hired you to be!

4. Coronation Ceremony

(This may be a Way-finder Initiation, Superhero Training, Galaxy Training, Candle, or Pirate Training Ceremony.) 

Ceremony, Portraits, Dancing, and Happy Birthday with Cake-Cutting will take place the last 30 minutes of your performance. 


To begin, announce very loudly that you will be performing the ceremony and for everyone to gather around and particpate!


  • Separate the birthday girl or boy from the crowd and have everyone gather around.


  • Explain that we save the birthday child for last.

  • Children are asked to sit in a semi-circle, facing the Princess/Superhero/etc. 

  • Starting at YOUR left, ask the first child their Name and Age, and something they like about themselves. 

  • Proclaim this child (for instance) "Olivia the Dancer" and have Audience Repeat her title, followed by a Cheer of "Hip-Hip" "HOORAY!"

  • Repeat with every child in the circle until it's the birthday child's turn. Proclaim Party Guests the newest Royal Members of your kingdom.

  • Have birthday child stand with YOU, and create a longer, more drawn-out acknowledgement of their Name, Age and Royal Qualities. 

  • Proclaim Birthday Child an Official Princess/Superhero and announce that Portraits will now begin!


7. Before Leaving the Party!

Before packing up, find your client and ask them if there's anything else that you can do for them.


Always make sure that your client is beyond thrilled with your performance. NEVER leave a party earlier than your booked time.

Regardless of your booked time, make sure that you have exceeded their expectations before leaving your event or party.


Remember that when you are performing, your client is your boss, your sole priority is to leave a good impression with them and their family.

Other things to know!

If at any time a parent tries to talk to you outside of character, never break character.


Compliments on wigs, makeup, costume, take them as that character would take them.


If a child insists you are not real, hit them with your character knowledge. Don't argue with them. Ignore the behavior is it does not stop. 


If a child ever gets aggressive with you. Pushes you, pulls on your equipment, etc. get an adult or be firm but kind with letting that child know that behavior is not appreciated.


Never let a parent walk you to your car with a child present.

Never stay where you feel unsafe. Text Courtney immediately. 


Call your manager if you have any trouble with receiving payment, or if you have any other issues with a parent or client.

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