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Cast Calendar

The Master Calendar lists confirmed parties and events. 

Cast are notified via email the moment a new confirmed gig is added to the calendar. You should have access to the Calendar, if you have Gmail, at any time. If you have trouble accessing the calendar through Gmail, you can simply visit this hidden page on the FPV website.

Each Tuesday associated Cast Members receive two Calendar Updates by email.

  • The first is a communication between FPV and the Client, listing the details and notable information pertaining to their event. This gives the client and Cast the option to speak to one another directly if needed.

  • The second communication is between FPV and Cast Member(s) to assure actor(s) has necessary items to perform at the event. We prefer to have all costume/party item logistics coordinated and resolved 48 hours prior to the event.

  • Cast Members must respond to each Calendar Check-In to let FPV know the message was read and received, to be a second set of eyes on determine if something about the information does not look right, to ask questions about the event (is the client's phone number missing?), and set-up plans to meet to hand off or exchange costume pieces or other party elements.

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